With the rapid growth of the medical community and technological advancements, new devices are created and developed to help make long term treatments easier and more comfortable for patients, one of which is the Portacath Catheter.

Once installed this device allows medical personnel to take multiple injections from a single location on the patient which provides a better and less painful experience for both the patient and medical staff.

Due to the increasing number of cancer cases the medical community is concerned with long-term medication regiments to patients, due to the damage caused to veins and skin tissue. For this purpose they designed a device that can be surgically implanted just under the skin of the patient’s chest and connect into a vain (primarily the Jugular vein, though other large veins can be used) and allow the medication to enter the blood steam and reach the heart quicker then using the smaller veins in your arms, the heart will then circulate the medication throughout the body.

What are some of the benefits of using a Portacath?

  • Minimizes the damage to veins, muscle and skin tissue by allowing the medication to dilute faster in your larger veins
  • It allows for a single location that doctors can use to inject medicine or take blood samples directly from the large veins.
  • Avoids the agony of looking for new veins each time the patient needs to be injected or have a blood sample taken.
  • Scar tissue builds up over time at the Portacath location making each needle penetration less painful over time.

Does it help for long-term medication treatments?

The advantage to using the Portacath catheter for long term medical treatments such as, chemotherapy, is certainly to your benefit, as you can greatly reduce damage done to your body. You should ask your healthcare professional or adviser about the advantage and complications of using a Portacath based on your treatment.

During long-term treatments one of the severe problems that can happen is damage and collapse of the veins along the injection site from harmful medication treatments such as chemotherapy. The use of the Portacath can reduce or eliminate this problem entirely due to more direct access to the central veins that allow the toxic chemicals within the  medication to dilute more rapidly.

A result of using veins located in your arms will over time damage them and possibly cause collapse or blood clots.

Portacath Placement

Benefits of Portacath Placement in the Body.