Health professionals use a portacath to administer intravenous drugs to patients. A portacath essentially offers a single point of injection for patients who need to take drugs intravenously constantly.

As a result, it protects patients from certain health risks such as blocked veins and scarred skin.However, some drug users use portacaths to inject illegal drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, into their blood streams.

While drug addicts may effectively use a portacath to get high, this is extremely risky, and the side effects of such usage of a portacath may be fatal.


  • One of the common health risks of using a portacath is injection site inflammation. Individuals who use portacaths to inject drugs such as a heroin are likely to contract inflammation-related infections such as severe systemic toxicity.
  • When doctors use a portacath to administer legal chemotherapy drugs, they only access it at least once in four weeks (on average). However, drug users require several injections a day in order to get high. Therefore, using a portacath for the latter purpose increases the risk of developing swollen veins due to excess inflammation of the insertion site. This can lead to fatal illnesses such as pulmonary edema and ventricular hemorrhages.


  • Narcotic drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines are highly toxic. Therefore, do not inject such drugs into your blood stream using a portacath since such drugs may cause fatal complications such as cardiac arrest and strokes.
  • Using a portacath to get high may make it difficult to notice signs of site infection such as soreness and swelling in time to seek treatment.
  • Drugs such as heroin and cocaine are easily contaminated. Injecting such drugs directly into the blood stream using a portacath can cause respiratory distress and possibly death.


  • Do not use a portacath for any other purpose other than the uses directed by a medical profession.
  • If you need a portacath for medical treatments, do not contaminate it with any recreational drugs.



Can I use portacath to get high? Yes you can. However, there are several inherent risks of doing that. Therefore, ensure you only use the device to administer safe and hygienic treatments.