A portacath is a medical device used to assist with patient care. It is inserted beneath the skin and connects to a vein. The port has a channel that is used to draw blood, especially for patients that need to submit blood often. It minimizes the discomfort of this procedure. It is also used to inject drugs or medication for the patient.

Portacath manufacturers create this device using several materials. These materials are plastic, titanium or stainless steel. The portacath can be made with one or two chambers and may vary in height. Another term used to identify this device is central venous access devices, or CVAD.

Top Manufacturers

There are several top portacath manufacturers of this medical device. They are the following:

  1. Bard Access Systems
  2. Navilyst Medical
  3. Smiths Medical
  4. MedComp
  5. AngioDynamics

Additional Manufacturer Information

These companies are in the top ten in the list of developers. Following is some additional information about each company for your information.

  1. Bard Access Systems: is a mid-sized company located in Salt Lake City, Utah with over 500 employees. Created for use by various practitioners and other medical facilities, they make six different power injectable portacaths and fifteen different non-power injectable devices. They manufacture the needles to use with them as well.
  2. Navilyst Medical: is a privately held company with over 800 full-time employees. This company was founded in 2008 and is based in Glens Falls, NY. They also have global partners for the manufacture and development of medical devices.
  3. Smiths Medical: is another company that manufacturers these devices. They offer twelve different devices. Their products cover the spectrum of medical service for hospitals, emergency rooms, home and other specialist environments. It is a large company, with subsidiaries, employing over 7500 people. They provide equipment, service and expertise in the use and maintenance of their devices.
  4. MedComp: founded in 1978, it is a portacath developer and considers the patient as the primary focus. One size does not fit everyone and using this focus, make several devices to make sure that clinical demands are covered in the area of access devices. Engineers work with preeminent doctors to devise products to service the medical field.
  5. AngioDynamics: is a known leader in the manufacturer of medical devices. Based in Queens, NY and founded in 1988, they are one of the top providers. One area of focus for this company is on bringing new and innovative technology in this area. Their objective is to improve patient care with faster recovery.

Portacath Development

These companies are some of the top in the field of portacath manufacturers. The focus these companies have is to develop devices for ultimate patient care and recovery. They provide support and education in the use and maintenance of their equipment. Each company has specific elements directly related to their devices that are exclusive. However, the device itself has standard elements that are required for use in the medical field. Any specific information can be obtained from direct contact with each company.

It should be noted that questions that deal with the medical functions and specific aspects should be directed to the manufacturer. Each company has a website and lists products manufactured. Portacath manufacturers hold an important place in the area of patient care and recovery.